Did you know there’s a government incentive (at least $25,000) right now for owner-occupiers looking to do large scale renovations? It’s to help boost the construction sector and encourage those who may have been holding back to actually take the plunge and get stuck into a big renovation!

So, you’ve been putting off those big reno’s, until now.

Where do you start?

With big projects (and I have mentioned this before) there’s SO much to consider; like which walls to bring down, what flooring to consider and it can be REALLY overwhelming!

Perhaps you’re considering a new build, or maybe it makes more sense to work on the home you currently have.

Well, most of us aren’t blessed with grand spaces to work with, so let’s discuss maximising your space! Consider an open-plan concept; here you’d have little to no walls within the dining/lounge/kitchen space.

Take a look at the below project Bumph & Scumble worked on; having the kitchen open onto the dining space makes the space look much bigger. Add to that the sliding doors on the right and you make it larger again, especially in this instance, as they open onto the outdoor area:

Also, consider re-vamping your flooring. This is the kind of thing you only ever want to deal with every 30+ years and if you’re already pulling down walls then that’s just another reason to bring in some fresh floors!

Looking to re-do the kitchen? Then you need a plan, drawings, finishes and materials selected. Same goes for the bathroom! Perhaps you’ve been longing for an ensuite. If you have a growing family, having a space to call your own is paramount. So, there’s tiles, baths, shower fittings, taps and more to consider. And don’t forget the bedrooms! Perhaps you need built in wardrobes or cabinetry? And what about furniture selections? The list is endless!

Well, here at Bumph & Scumble, we’ve worked on projects from concept to completion. We have a catalogue of trades, architects, designers, stylists and builders to draw on to make your project possible.

Thankfully our Director, Tracey Huntley is an experienced Project Manager (as well as being a top Interior Designer) so she is your go-to for it all!  We’re here for you so click here to book in a project consultation