Let’s discuss greenery at home and what it can do for you!

It makes for an inviting space where you can settle in and punch out that report you’ve been putting off. It’s can set the tone of the space and lift your mood, productivity and creativity. Just look at the calming and inviting tone the greenery brings to the lounge room below!

Real greenery in the home will purify the air. We all know that there can be hidden nasties lurking in the air, but did you know that there are not just outside near a chemical plant, they’re even inside of your house. Chemicals in your household cleaning products, air fresheners, furniture sprays, gas from your stovetop, airborne mould and other volatile organic compounds (or VOCs) can all contribute to a toxic environment literally right under your nose! Given that most of us spend the majority of time indoors – especially at this time of year – it’s a real concern. During winter we are keeping those windows shut more often (therefor reducing air circulation) and real greenery indoors is recommended to help purify the air. So go on, you’ll be doing yourself a favour!

Pink Peony artifical flower

It can also reduce stress. Who doesn’t want to see a gorgeous bunch of flowers or a terrarium full of succulents when they look away from their work on the computer screen or the chopping board? It’s also rewarding looking after another living thing and watching it grow. So, you could say feeding nature is like feeding the soul!

Greenery will add a pop of colour otherwise drab space. Like new cushions are to a lounge, so too are plants to, any space really! Whether it be in the bathroom, the bedroom or the kitchen, there’s nothing like a pop of colour to lift the space! And I’m not talking just green plants, consider flowers and make a real splash with some colour! One style of flower I adore are peonies, like the one shown on the right. They exude effortless chic; passing as elegant and casual all at once!

Bumph & Scumble Artifical Orchids

I’ve spoken before about the positive effects of the colour green on your mind and if maintaining plants and flowers is all too much, consider faux flowers! They still look great and will never wilt if you get too busy to care for them. Here at Bumph & Scumble, we only settle for the best and the gorgeous array of orchids we have in studio (like the orchid arrangement shown here) does not disappoint!

We’d love to see you to further discuss your greenery needs, so come into the studio and say “Hi!” or simply click on https://bumphandscumbledesign.com.au/product/interior-styling-consult/

Till next time!