It serves several purposes and is a crucial in decorating any space! We tend to focus on furniture and paint colours with lighting an afterthought.

The right lighting can make us more productive, lift the mood and make even the most mundane things special!

First of all – the one we all think of – is functionality. By this I mean it has a specific purpose.

Down lights do just that; they are strong light sources and since they are sitting inside the ceiling, they throw more light into the space. You’d be amazed at how much bigger the space looks; so crucial in small rooms!

Secondly, it helps to zone a space.

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Here we have an open space. In another lifetime, it may have been just a media room, or a formal dining space. By installing two pendants we create a dining and a lounge zone. Even if all the furniture was removed, we would automatically understand that the room has 2 zones.

Then there’s task lighting. Perhaps it’s a lamp in your study (that’s bright enough to keep you focussed on the task at hand) or a pair of beautiful bedside lamps (to help you read at bedtime) or wall sconces in the bathroom (to help you apply makeup, or to make sure your shave is even) lighting can serve a specific purpose AND bring a certain elegance to the space. It can create ambience.Sydney Interior Desiger

A lamp placed in the corner of the lounge room will light up that corner, make the space larger AND give just enough mood lighting to calm you down after a busy day at work

Finally, you may want it to be a beautiful focal point that doubles as a work of art.  Here, we see a truly majestic statement piece that draws your eye up the staircase to the hero – like the jewel in the crown.

More often than not the purpose of lighting in a space is a mix of the above and will always have an emotional impact!