The way you want to feel in a space is critical in the styling and design choices. Tranquillity?  A retreat? Bumph & Scumble achieved as such below.

White plays such a big part in achieving this. Here, it is the hero. The occasional chairs and sofa were reupholstered in lovely white loose covers so that the condition of the furniture could be kept. The white theme continues with the white lampshades, flowers and walls. Keeping to neutral tones throughout achieves a tranquil look and feel. There’s no super bright tone to distract the eye.

The earthy colours in the dark timber timbers work hand in hand with the flowers, bringing nature to the forefront. The theme continues in the artworks and the view out of the window – it all ties in with each other!

The darker carpet grounds the space and the clean lines of the artworks add to the harmony of the space. When all of these elements are bought together in this space, it creates a wonderful retreat for our client.

Alternatively, whites can be used to detract attention.

Below, the whites allow the hero bedhead to be the star. The positioning within the space also plays a part, being centred the eye naturally goes to the bedhead. The texture of the bedhead also draws the eye. There’s no mistaking where the focal point is here! And how creative are the bedside lamps coming out from the side of the recessed wall – loving it!

Bumph and Scumble interior design

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