Having balance.

Creating a sense of calm.

Positioning items in your house in a certain way will help to achieve this!

Look at this Bumph & Scumble project in Cheltenham. There’s something visually pleasing about having the twin vanity, with matching lights and the window in the middle. Keeping the lines clean and the mirrors simple gives the darker bench top and wall sconces the chance to shine! Even having the artwork on opposite sides of the bathroom helps to frame the space nicely

Another example of balance in this beautiful project is how the occasional chairs have been positioned in the lounge room. The brown and orange tones of the leather tie in nicely with the flooring (that flows from the kitchen into the lounge) and at the same time frame the view of the kitchen from the lounge room. The length of the peninsula bench top and the range hood in the centre helps balance the space too. So does the cushions. If we put an imaginary line down the middle of the range hood you can what I’m getting at. It almost goes right down the middle of the coffee table and is basically a mirror image!

Now it doesn’t have to be exactly symmetrical to achieve a sense of balance as that would make it look clinical and forced. So, that’s why having the greenery heavier on one side works.

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We all want our home to feel balanced, inviting and pleasing to the eye. Having items placed in such a way we can achieve that!

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