Colour Consultation Designer SydneyOK, so is there really a school of thought on colour and how it can affect us?

The answer is – absolutely yes!

So, let’s start with the colour they say has the most impact – red!

Interior designer Cremorne Point SydneyRed has been said to actually increase your heart rate and get your gastronomic juices going! It can also lift your energy levels. So, where does this make complete sense to put? The kitchen! This was put to perfect use for this client with the upholstered bench seats in their kitchen.

Orange is typically more mellow than red, less primal, whilst still stimulating energy. Orange can come across in architectural elements too. It’s a reassuring earth tone. As is brown. The orange & brown tones in this kitchen is calming and works hand in hand with the red seating.

Yellow is another attention grabber! It’s the brightest hue and symbolises optimism and cheer. Again, the tone will play an important part. Looking at the cushion below we can see how both contrast and harmony is created when different hues of similar tonal colours are overlaid against one another. The way that the lighter and darker greens work alongside the white and yellow hints of the cushion really work to anchor the look.

Green is the “zen” colour, one of the most balancing. It’s great for concentration and meditation and even helps with memory – so, the study perhaps? It is the colour of most of our natural environment, so it can feel like you’re surrounded by nature, promoting wellbeing and relaxation.

Another serene, dependable colour is blue. It’s one of the most favoured colours in the world! Think duck-egg blue, its everywhere! Especially in Hamptons-themed spaces.

Purple is associated with royalty and in the right tone can also look exotic (think Moroccan style). It’s a great alternative to pink for your little Princess’s room too!

Now that’s not to say pink doesn’t have its place. It is a perfect way to add femininity to any space. I just love the use of pink and blues here in this Hamptons themed home below. The soft pink curtains and cushions brings a femininity to the space. Paired with the muted blues tones of the custom-made armchairs and cushions, it brings balance to the space.

Bumph & Scumble DesignAnd then there’s white. The most popular wall colour in recent times. It exudes a sense of peace and can tie in with almost anything (which can come in handy if you want a quick revamp of the space down the track). At the other end of the scale, we have black. Black adds drama to any space. Especially when paired with white. It can be seen as masculine, so can balance out more feminine spaces. You can see this done so well by Bumph & Scumble above with the black accents (the staircase, the lighting, the legs on the armchairs and ottoman).

And if we mix the last 2 colours, we get grey! Grey is a very popular neutral colour in interiors. It can be very soothing, understated and can let other aspects of the space (like décor and furniture) sing!

So, there you have it. Colour does indeed have meaning as well as an effect on a space – and not just on the walls! Tone and scale play an important part too. It’s a lot to process but we’re here to help (simply book in for a colour consult by clicking on the on the fan deck above).