When you take a look around your house do you see similar coloured walls, furniture and wall hangings?

Are all your photos in the same type of frames? No matter what part of the house they’re in?

Does your bedroom furniture tie in with your lounge? Or the tiling in the bathroom tie in with your kitchen splashback?

Then it sounds like you have an established colour scheme and a certain style.

Over time, we develop certain tastes and whether you know it or not, you typically lean towards the same things, which is great! It gives the home a certain flow and connection.

Humans are creatures of habit and this is typically the way it goes.

However, you may be “the other” type of homemaker, where there’s no one single style or colour scheme throughout and is more of a a mishmash of things that you love and have collected over the years (perhaps you have a collection of bowls like the one above. Yes they’re all bowls, but they’re all different shapes, textures, colours and that in itself is the desired look! And thats awesome!!! Your home is your own space that you feel comfortable in. And that (by definition) is what a true home is.

But, did you know that having a home of mismatched items is actually a style?

Do you know the name?

It’s called an “eclectic” style.

Take the kitchen above. You have some rather elegant and very retro bar chairs and pendant lights, paired up with a more modern tiled splash back, mixed with a more industrial coloured timer under the island and on the range hood (with a bull head skull on it!)

They don’t necessarily go together and it may be too “busy” for some, but it adds such character to the space, doesn’t it?

If we look at the bathroom below, you can see it has a modern sleek black subway tile, yet it has an older style hand basin with a Moroccan style bathmat.

It’s a look thats not for everyone, but it still works. Its displaying character and personality!

So do you have a certain style or is your home an eclectic mix?