So, let talk about colour.

Colour is really the starting point of any new space, or any revamp of an existing space.

There’s a lot to consider…… Your individual experiences will influence the direction you take. Life experiences, like where you have travelled to, your religious and cultural background will all play a part. Your actual space will also play a part. Are you living in a smaller space, like an apartment? Or do you have a large house? Is it in an urban, or more rural setting? Basically, it comes down to one thing – how do YOU want to feel in the space?

Do you want some drama? Or a calming space? Bumph and Scumble has worked with both types of clients – we have seen it all – some want really bold colours, some want neutral. The key is to keep a flow from room to room to achieve a cohesive look.

Now like we’ve said, it all comes down to personal preference. Want bold, great! But you also want to use whites? By using scale within the space, you can achieve the mood you’re looking for. This kitchen is grand and clearly makes an impact due to its sheer size. Just look at the huge splashback!

Kitchen interior design sydney

Another way to bring in some personality to a neutral palette is to bring texture into the space, like the choice of fabric on the bar stools in the kitchen and the tiles used in the splashback.

Want dark and moody? Bumph & Scumble achieved just that with a good dose of glamour at this hair salon. Blessed with a lot of natural light, the darker tones create a cosy and inviting mood (like a big warm hug!) whilst the golden tones helps brighten the space and exude elegance!

commercail interior designers sydney

So, like I said, there’s lots to consider! But don’t worry, we are always here to help! Just click HERE to book a colour consult.

In the next post I will discuss the meaning behind your colour choices…. it may surprise you!