It screams luxury!

That’s why if you’re looking to bring a certain elegance into your home, consider a splash of gold!

And theres so many ways to do this!

Perhaps in your bathroom?

Or perhaps in the lighting over your dining space?











Or, my favourite, make it the true hero and bring it into your kitchen! You can honestly say that gold is the hero in this space!

We all know the kitchen is the heart and the hub of the home, so it’ll get the most attention here!

And if you take a look at the kitchen below, think about how different it would be without the gold pendants!

Instead, a wicker pendant perhaps? It would still work (and tie in nicely with the chairs) but it would lack a certain elegance and wow factor!

Another way to bring gold into your kitchen is through other finishes –such as tapware, decor and handles!

We all want to feel special in our homes, and with a touch of gold, you’ll be feeling like a King (or Queen) in no time!