Storage solutions.

Do you feel like there’s always too much ‘stuff” in your house?

Tried to find a home for your things?

Not finding a place to put everything?

Then it may be time to consider additional storage solutions!

Now, there’s so many options out there, I’m just going to dive right in with a few options to get you thinking!

So, for starters we don’t have to add clutter to the space as storage solutions can be multi-functional. So, it’s about better use of what you need, like a coffee table for example. Look for one with drawers and shelves!

Or in the bedroom, consider adding a storage ottoman for the foot of your bed and under-bed storage boxes!



Here at Bumph & Scumble, we have sourced many items that have more than one purpose! For example, we have sourced lounges with hidden storage space and had custom beds made with additional storage!

And on that “custom-made” note, perhaps it’s time to consider something more permanent, like cabinetry?

Its robust, stands the test of time, adds value to the house and looks amazing!








Perhaps a built in or walk in wardrobe perhaps for the bedroom?

Sydney Interior Desigers

Or a custom made entertainment unit for that will hold all your devices?

interior consultants sydney

Over the years we have worked on all sorts of projects, many needing customised storage solutions.

So why not book in a consult and we can work with you through the design/planning process, all the way to installation!