By now, you know I love it. Everywhere.

However, there are many people are too scared to use it in their home on anything permanent (for example on their walls or in custom cabinetry) but did you know that you can feel calm and at home surrounded by colour?

It’s all about how you do it!

Stay with me here. Think about a home with all white walls, white furniture, maybe some light coloured timber furniture. Sounds rather stark, right? I know thats heading in a Scandi direction and if you love that all white look then great!

But, dont do it because you want to “play it safe”. There are always ways to bring colour in if thats what you really want!

You can achieve this through many avenues such as furniture, décor and yes, with a splash of paint!

Lets say you love green, but can’t possibly imagine painting a wall that way?

Why not give it a go? Here at Bumph & Scumble we have qualified professionals in colour who can help you with your colour selections.

There’s a tone of your favourite colour that will work in your space! It’s our job to make it work for you; we work daily with colours, textures and tones, so I assure you, it can be done!

So – when done right – colour can be  just as calming as white!

It’s also about balance. Perhaps all 4 walls will be too much (depending on size of the room, natural light etc) so don’t despair, three’s still options!

When you get a professional to help go through the tones of your preferred colour(s) you will truly appreciate the results!

So, if you need a helping hand, contact Bumph & Scumble here to book in a colour consult!