100 years ago, they weren’t just getting over the last pandemic, they were on the verge of an amazing decade: The Roaring 20’s.

Think The Great Gatsby, “living in the moment”, parties, excess……

In 1920, World War 1 was over and people wanted to party! They wanted to celebrate life, family and friends.

Now think post-COVID.

Feeling like we could go the same way?

I have a feeling that the 2020s are going to look A LOT like the 1920s!

100 years ago, the vibe was “more is more” (and after the horror of war and the Spanish flu, who can blame them?). It also saw the beginnings of the “art deco” period, where art, architecture, furniture and fashion went from finer, detailed works to more bold, big, bright colours and curves.

And you can see this “art deco” look at our very own studio today!

We may be social distancing right now, but I am also seeing people are thinking laterally and making the most of the situation.

And many are starting with their home. Whilst you cannot go out and see a concert, why not invest in an entertainment lounge? Or create that media room you’ve always dreamed of?

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We can pull a look together for you, from the wallpaper, to the seating, to the electronics, to the carpets and furniture!

And really, who has time for all of that stuff?

Most of us put it off for that very reason. Some aren’t sure of the best place to start or of how to pull a look together. Or all of the above!

Thankfully, the team at Bumph & Scumble love their work and (if I do say so myself) we are really good at it!

So, if you can’t have that big party with your all of your friends, why not invest in a gorgeous dinning setting and host a handful of friends?

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We may be restricted in what we can do and how we do it right now, but why not make the most of it?

Enjoy what you can right now!

Come on into the studio for a chat or book in for a consult here

Lets have some fun with it!