It can make such a difference in a space!

Let’s say the brief is drama, elegance, and style.

Then perhaps keeping the palette black and white is right for you?

Bumph & Scumble Design Sydney

The contrast of the black and white is bold and visually stimulating; it gets the blood pumping. Hence it being referred to as a “dramatic” look.

Perhaps you want femininity whilst retaining some masculinity and drama, then perhaps this aesthetic would be pleasing –

Bumph & Scumble Design Sydney

The pinks and creams bring in the femininity and the blues bring in some masculinity. The blues and pinks in these muted tones are stimulating enough for the space, without overpowering it, bringing a sense of “elegant calm”. Anything brighter in these colours would have been too much!

The sheer size of the space also adds to the drama. The custom made items of furniture lend to the french provincial, which combines warmth, comfort and ornate detail (just look at the coffered ceiling and the stunning pendant!)

The beauty of the French provincial aesthetic means that you can mix varied levels of farmhouse (more rustic) with elegance (more classic).

Perfect if you have formal living and dining spaces but want other parts of the home to be less formal, like the library/sitting room.

Bumph & Scumble Design Sydney

Cant you just see yourself curling up with a good book in this space? I know I can!

Happy reading!