Another style of architecture is (in my opinion) one of the most common architectural styles in Sydney. I saw a lot of this style where I grew up, but since then, I’ve seen it in all corners of the city.

You might know the look I’m talking about, but did you know it was American in its origins?

Have you guessed it?

It’s the Californian bungalow!

Now as you can see, its trademark look is brick, with a porch/entry to one side, and a room to the other. In its original state, it was a single storey house and dates back to approximately 100 years ago!

Another style that I find so pretty is the Victorian. This style dates back to the mid-late 1800’s and has such beautiful features – picket-fences, double hung windows, decorative brick on the outer walls, elaborate trim/skirting/ceilings and coloured glass besides entry doors. All seen so perfectly in our Cheltenham clients home below!


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Needless to say I’m loving the decorative trim over the front porch!

One more architectural style I adore is mid-century. And if you live near our Thornleigh studio, you’ll see a lot of it!

This style from the post-war era and has come back into vogue. In recent years, more and more people are looking to “blend the old with the new” with their décor and furniture, so there’s a new generation coming through loving the architecture!

I think this is part of the reason our area is relatively solid in the real estate market: this is a home that not only looks good, but is a bit quirky and doesn’t look like those “carbon copy” mass produced homes.

Another characteristic of the mid-century style that appeals to us is the idea of bringing the outside in. Typically, the architecture reflects this with lots of windows throughout, keeping everything light and bright!

There are so many ways to achieve this look, even if you don’t have this style of home; through colour, timber and fabric choices!

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