Now that we have a clear canvas, we can make it beautiful!

First of all, look at your floorspace and how much items you really need in it

Most of us won’t have an extravagantly large space for their bedroom. Over time it’s more so the areas you spend most time in (like the living room and kitchen) that gets the square meterage. So, let’s be smart about this and look at each element of the space.


All you really need in your bedroom is your bed, bedside tables some functional lighting (typically a lamp) and just something amazing on the wall above your bedhead. Perhaps an occasional chair like this if you have the space

If you’re thinking it’s time for a new bedhead to lift the space, we’ve got you! Our upholsterer can make custom bedheads. Or you may think an amazing piece of artwork is what you need.

If you have family photos on the wall, why not bring them together in a special arrangement.


If you need storage beyond your wardrobe (that’s a big IF, as less is more in this space) then look at multi-purpose storage items, like an ottoman that doubles as a storage chest, or a chest of drawers that has a mirror on top (and can double as a dressing table). If you want to add something visually interesting, consider a tray to hold your most precious keepsakes.

Soft furnishings

1. Rugs
If you have a bedroom with floorboards, it’s also important to have a rug under your bed, so it’s not so cold on your feet first thing in the morning).

2. Linen
Now, this one is very important. They say we spend a third of our lives in bed, so why would you compromise on bed sheets? See it as an investment, and the higher thread-count sheets are softer and more luxurious to touch and who doesn’t want to feel the ultimate level of cosiness in bed? Go on, treat yourself!

As we come into the cooler months, an additional blanket or throw is great to have handy for those cooler nights, so why not make it a chunky woollen knit? Or if you have time (and let’s be honest, right now we all need a hobby) you could knit your own!

And to finish the look off, you can add some beautiful cushions. This is where you can really personalise the space, and it’s also the cheapest way to re-vamp the space when you want a change! If you already have a few colours in the space, make sure it ties in with those, or if you’ve kept everything else neutral, really just go for it and bring in a statement prices to draw the eye to.

3. Window Treatments
To create a sense of cosiness, curtains in the bedroom are hard to pass. They give you the opportunity to add another dimension to the space whilst being functional. Here at B&S we have amazing array of window treatment options, from customised blinds, to curtains to remote control encased block-out blinds!

What if my bedroom has extra space?

If you are blessed with a large space in your bedroom, then really make the most of it! Think about setting up a reading nook (and perhaps a bookcase to go with that occasional chair) or a dressing table/makeup station.

If you have the space, then go for it!

It seems such a shame to only use the bedroom as a place where we go to sleep. It can also become a retreat – from your family, from work (which, for many of us right now IS at home) or just from your regular haunts like the family room.

It’s all too much, where should I start?

It’s not always easy to get started on what can seem an overwhelming job, so if you need help, we can get you started on the right track, or we can go on the whole journey together! Contact us for a consult on

Now, if you want to re-do the whole space then you need to think about the bigger picture, like walls and flooring (I’ll go into more detail on these in the coming weeks) AND how colour plays an important part in this – which is what I’ll be discussing on my next post.

Stay tuned!