It dawned on me I haven’t talked much about architecture, so I thought it was about time!

I’m starting in with a style that is undeniably Australian and definitely a classic.

One of the nearest and dearest to me is the Queenslander.

It holds a special place in my heart as this style of house is where we go to for family vacations. I love how cool it can be on a hot day. How open and free a space it is and how you can play a great game of tag on the wrap around balcony!

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This style of balcony, coupled with the house being made of timber, being a raised single storey, with a corrugated iron roof and are all quintessential characteristics of a Queenslander.

One example of such a house is one of our lovely Dural-based clients (below and left). What a gem!


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There are also modern takes on this style. One example is a project Bumph & Scumble worked on in Arcadia (below), their traditional wrap-around balcony included a grand extension in the form of a pergola!

This look ties in so well with our relaxed, laid back lifestyle that is inherently Australian.

Just look at the amazing pool – it looks so inviting and works so well with its surroundings!

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Stay tuned as I will delve into some other familiar styles of Aussie homes in next week’s blog and if you need help regarding your home (no matter what architectural style it is) contact us here to book a consult!