Something very close to my heart is lighting.Arianna Large Pendant

It has such an awesome power to manipulate a space! It can also add some serious bling to your home!

In a previous blog I’ve discussed how lighting can really make a space with that wow factor, but did you know lighting can literally change the size of the space?

So, now you’re thinking – Is there some magic trick going on here?

Well, what I’m getting at is this: have a look at your ceiling. Is there just one light source (like a fan with a built-in light) in your room? Yes? Perhaps it’s an older style apartment with just a flush ceiling light?

Second question: is your ceiling relatively low? Now if your answer is yes again, then stick with me, as there’s one style of lighting you cannot avoid as it will make your room look larger immediately!

Have you worked it out yet?

I’m talking about down lights!

kitchen designers sydney

Down lights will cast light straight from the ceiling and outwards without any hinderance. So, if you go from a room with a single light source to down lights, you will transform the size of the space immediately! Every corner will be well lit and instantly that room will look way bigger than it used to!

Shelton Cylinder Pendant

So, I guess what I’m saying is consider function as well as form! And, if you’re looking to updating your lighting with gorgeous pendants (like the ones featured here) in your home, down lights should be added regardless! Just look at how light & bright the kitchen above looks!

And here at Bumph and Scumble, we can help you find that perfect pendant and the latest, most energy efficient down lights available. Our experienced team are here to help! Contact us for a consult.