We could all do with more of it right?

What most people don’t think through properly, is how to make storage last. Sure, there’s several options out there, but will they stand the test of time? And who wants to be re-doing their storage systems every other year?

The answer is custom built cabinetry. Its far superior quality and will last! Not to mention it adds value to your home and (when done right) looks timeless.

And, if you’re looking to take things to the next level, look at the flow of the house. Extend the storage systems into other spaces, like our client chose to do in the space below; it’s such excellent use of space and a multitude of items can be showcased or, if you prefer, hidden from view (plus it keeps everything looking tidy!)

At this gorgeous project at Connells Point, our wonderful artisans produced this elegant french provincial cabinet you see below.

Given that our Director, Tracey Huntley has built up a reliable, talented network of trades and manufacturers means not only can Bumph & Scumble assist you with design, we can follow all works from  concept to completion, removing the time and hassle for you!

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