“Curb appeal”

When selling a property, it’s all about “curb appeal” (how your property looks from the street curb) but it’s also important to those who just want to make a great first impression!

Manicured lawns and shrubbery. Clean space; free of trees hindering the view of your beautiful home. Who wouldn’t want curb appeal?

I know, for me this beautiful project Bumph & Scumble worked on, it’s all about the driveway! I lust after such a driveway! And those rendered walls! Everything oh-so beautifully contained and the clean lines throughout let the house be the hero!

Interior Desiger Sydney

Landscaping can truly transform a property – I cannot stress that enough! Here at Bumph & Scumble, this is one of many services we can provide! Whether you require a Landscaper or a driveway revival (or all of it as Project Manager) we can make it happen!! As I’ve mentioned before, our crazy talented Director, Tracey Huntley has many feathers in her hat, including Project Manager!

Can you even Imagine the below property with dirt leading up to those beautiful stairs? And being on the outskirts of Sydney (like this Bumph & Scumble project is) that’s not uncommon. The house would still look fabulous of course, but it wouldn’t look complete.

Now, I know from personal experience, renovating your home can be costly and daunting, but with the Federal Government boosting the construction & building industry with at least $25,000 per project, you cannot only get the landscaping finished, but so much more with that extra shot of cash!

So, why put it off any longer? Even if it’s just completing the final stages of your project, we’ve got your back! Click HERE to book in a consult!

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