Now that we’re all staying at home more, it’s the perfect time to make your home a place you will love to be in 24/7 (well, as much as humanly possible!).

We all tend to forget the importance of our bedroom (I know I do!) and it actually is the best place to start as its typically less complicated than other rooms and we all need a simple, welcoming, cosy space we can retreat to at the end of the day, or at any time of the day right now!

First of all, you need to declutter

You see, clutter can be a representation of where you’re heads at and you will be surprised how liberating it feels to achieve a simplified space!

And you need to take it step-by-step. Think about what is just lying around first, just hanging about and either find a home for it or get rid of it. Simple as that. Everything needs a “forever spot” so you will always know where it is when you need it.

Once you’ve done this, you’re well on your way!

Now, let’s look at your wardrobe

The best thing to do here is to sort your clothes into seasonal categories, let go with summer and winter. Do you really need your winter woollies front and centre all year round? Why not take them out all together and store in a vacuum bag either on a top shelf of your wardrobe, out of the way, or even create an “off season” wardrobe in the spare bedroom wardrobe or
linen press? The ability to see exactly what you own without needing a crowbar to separate them will be a welcome change!

Also, look at your drawers – think seriously about how many socks do you really need? Cull your underwear draw in the same regard. Less items in your draw not only lightens the load on your drawer, but also on your mind J Same for your shoes.

Having less items and having them organised looks and feels better than a mishmash of shoes that you can’t tell what’s a heel and what’s a runner. Go on, you’ll feel transformed!

Whilst you’re doing this, a natural process is occurring. Once you begin to prioritise your clothes you will find it easier and easier to see what REALLY needs to stay and what needs to go. Why not give those less-used items a purpose? Let someone else love it! Will your least favourite (but not hated) winter coat really see the light of day if there’s 3 other coats
you love wearing more than that one? Same goes for all your clothing and shoes. Won’t those spare runners get more court time if someone else is wearing them?

Start separating your clothes into piles – recyclable can go to your closest recycling centre (we even have one in the same suburb as our studio) or donate to charity. Now, more than ever, there’s people in need of charitable donations and decent clothing, and more people will be
op-shopping to save money, so why not be part of the solution? Now this is the exciting part: for your more expensive items, why not generate some extra cash? Selling online on Gumtree, eBay or your local Facebook marketplace will be a welcome injection of cash and it all adds up!

Now, look at your décor (the items on display) in your room. What really needs to be there? Do you really need all those books on the bottom shelf of your bedside table? Or should they
be in the study on a bookshelf with the other books? And what’s that in your bedside drawer? Hand creams? Lost nail polishes? You really only need one or 2 essentials in your draw, right? Keep spares in the bathroom, or in the kitchen (go on admit it, you do the dishes without gloves sometimes right? So, keep some hand cream there too). You really don’t need a lot of décor in the bedroom as its more of a functional and personal space. But we will get to that later this week.

Now go on, get cracking! And once we’ve got a clean canvas, we can work on aesthetics. Styling can’t happen without it! Tune in for part 2 later this week……

And if it all gets too much, we’re here for you, just CALL US to book in for a consult, we can get there together! Simply click HERE or call the studio on 1300 489 884 and we will be there for you!