Styled by Jackie #15

2020-08-06T16:43:03+10:00By |

Kitchens. It’s the heart of the home. We all gather around this space whether it’s our first apartment and we’re entertaining our mates, or it a home that’s seen you [...]

Styled by Jackie #14

2020-08-06T16:29:19+10:00By |

So, you want to refresh your look but don’t know where to start? Décor. That where to start!   Changing furniture, knocking out walls or lugging home a new rug [...]

Styled by Jackie #12

2020-07-14T19:04:39+10:00By |

Black and white. And everything in between. There’s nothing better in my opinion! It's boldness, it’s drama. How commanding it is on the eye. There’s nothing quite like it if [...]

Styled by Jackie #11

2020-08-06T17:02:29+10:00By |

“Curb appeal” When selling a property, it’s all about “curb appeal" (how your property looks from the street curb) but it’s also important to those who just want to make [...]

Styled by Jackie #9

2020-08-06T17:10:08+10:00By |

Did you know there’s a government incentive (at least $25,000) right now for owner-occupiers looking to do large scale renovations? It’s to help boost the construction sector and encourage those [...]

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