Styled by Jackie #7

2020-07-14T18:18:03+10:00By |

Lighting. It serves several purposes and is a crucial in decorating any space! We tend to focus on furniture and paint colours with lighting an afterthought. The right lighting can [...]

Styled by Jackie #6

2020-07-14T19:00:46+10:00By |

The way you want to feel in a space is critical in the styling and design choices. Tranquillity?  A retreat? Bumph & Scumble achieved as such below. White plays such a [...]

Styled by Jackie #5

2020-07-03T15:49:34+10:00By |

Zen. Symmetry. Having balance. Creating a sense of calm. Positioning items in your house in a certain way will help to achieve this! Look at this Bumph & Scumble project [...]

Styled by Jackie #3

2020-07-03T15:29:58+10:00By |

So, let talk about colour. Colour is really the starting point of any new space, or any revamp of an existing space. There’s a lot to consider…… Your individual experiences [...]

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