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Bumph & Scumble offers a unique & confident approach to styling  your windows. Whether you are looking to frame a view, maximise privacy or create an air of elegance and sophistication, we will help you to achieve your desired effect.

Utilising our extensive knowledge and expereince as an Interior Designers we can advise, suggest, create something beautiful to suit any budget. We source the most appropriate fabric and decorative rod, track systems. Each solution is tailor-made by our highly specialised bespoke team.

How it works
Contact the Studio to arrange an appointment, to discuss your requirements. Fabrics will be presented in studio for approval and then a final check measure will be completed once quote is given with an estimated time frame. The team at Bumph & Scumble will keeps you informed every step of the way. Even to overseeing the installation, we will confirm your new curtains meet our high standards.